Madisson Ledan


Madisson Ledan is a Haitian student at Palm Beach State College.

Madisson was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but now she lives in Florida, where it is warmer. he likes to go outside. This is true whether it's a team sport like soccer or a solo event like track and field. He likes to be outside.

Before and after his high school days are over, he still plays soccer with his friends at the local parks. He also helps out in the community.

They're a great way to stay in shape, stay in touch, and have fun, says Madisson Ledan.

People who know Madisson also say that she's very friendly, calm, patient, and waits for the best opportunities to come her way. Ledan has always been adventurous because he likes to go on trips and see new things. Another way Ledan deals with stress is to play games. [5] He also likes to go to Haiti to see friends and family.